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People.com: 73-Year-Old World Champion Weight Lifter

Published February 24th, 2016     In Categories: Press


Barbara Garmon began working out with her personal trainer Chad Landers when she was in her early 50s – and even though she’s now in her 70s she hasn’t stopped since. Read more!

Chad’s Interview with Dynamic Duo Training

Published February 24th, 2016     In Categories: For Trainers, Press, Uncategorized


Chad was recently interviewed about his story – the journey he has traversed to become a premiere Hollywood celebrity trainer. Check it out here!

Sarah Hyland Shows Off Chad’s Exclusive Fitness Routine

Published February 18th, 2016     In Categories: Press, Uncategorized


“I have dozens of exercises that I toss in and out of it to keep her from getting bored, and work things in different planes of motion,” says Landers. “Sarah is very dedicated. She really enjoys working out and pushing herself.” – Chad Landers

Chad’s expertise was recently featured on a People.com interview!

Click the link to read more!