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How To Tell When a Trainer Sucks

Published August 13th, 2014     In Categories: Articles, For Trainers



This is one of the best articles I have read on what it takes to be a good personal trainer. Christian Thibaudeau writes about learning from his own mistakes and also shares some of the biggest mistakes other coaches/trainers have made. Read more here: How To Tell When a Trainer Sucks.


“Be the guy who’s eager to share his passion and who can’t wait to learn new things.”

Structure(d) Training Seminar in NYC

Published August 8th, 2014     In Categories: Events, For Trainers



Chad will be teaming up with powerhouse trainers this weekend in NYC to share some of the wisdom, knowledge, and insight you need to become successful in your field.


WHEN: Sunday, August 10th, 11a-5pm

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Knowledge-thirsty personal trainers looking to advance their craft via continuing education while getting CEU’s and CEC’s

WHERE: The Snatchery by MFF, 411 W 39th Street, New York, NY 10018


In this presentation, Chad will discuss how including powerlifting in your clients’ programs can do more than improve their max bench press. Chad will teach his approach to progressing into the powerlifts for the average client. He’ll also talk about how starting your own powerlifting team and entering meets can promote client adherence and retention.

Click here for details and registration information.


This is a great article by Adam Bornstein about what really matters in the fitness industry. Read it. Then read it again. Good stuff.

Top 5 Ways You Know You’ve Made It In The Fitness Industry

Anti-fast Results and Anti-instant Gratification

Published August 5th, 2014     In Categories: Uncategorized


Jessi Kneeland has nailed it with this one! Check out her article, “The Tiny Tweak That Makes Fitness Fun, Effective, and Easy to Stick With Forever.”

Some of the highlights include:

  • Internal Motivation vs. External Goals
  • The “About-to-Die” Factor
  • There’s No Such Thing as “Right”
  • Bonus: Meet Your Goals and Maintain Your Gains
  • Practice Makes … Even Better Practice


“ The future of the fitness industry should be anti-fast results and anti-instant gratification.”

-Jessi Kneeland