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PODCAST: rippedbody.com #17 – Andy Morgan

Published June 5th, 2017     In Categories: For Trainers, Podcasts, Press

“Welcome to this frank conversation with writer, speaker, strength and conditioning specialist, power lifter, and the owner of Push Private Fitness in LA, Chad Landers. Chad has been a ‘legit’ trainer to rock stars and Hollywood actors for over 24 years and throughout this interview you’ll find simple, actionable, no-nonsense advice, which is all too often absent from this area of the industry.”





Chad’s Interview with Dynamic Duo Training

Published February 24th, 2016     In Categories: For Trainers, Press, Uncategorized


Chad was recently interviewed about his story – the journey he has traversed to become a premiere Hollywood celebrity trainer. Check it out here!

Chad’s Interview with StrengthPortal.com

Published February 7th, 2015     In Categories: Articles, For Trainers



Chad was recently featured on StrengthPortal.com in an awesome interview.

Want to hear Chad’s secrets of client-retention, learn why mentors have been so crucial to him over the years, and much more?

Read more here.


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How To Tell When a Trainer Sucks

Published August 13th, 2014     In Categories: Articles, For Trainers



This is one of the best articles I have read on what it takes to be a good personal trainer. Christian Thibaudeau writes about learning from his own mistakes and also shares some of the biggest mistakes other coaches/trainers have made. Read more here: How To Tell When a Trainer Sucks.


“Be the guy who’s eager to share his passion and who can’t wait to learn new things.”

Structure(d) Training Seminar in NYC

Published August 8th, 2014     In Categories: Events, For Trainers



Chad will be teaming up with powerhouse trainers this weekend in NYC to share some of the wisdom, knowledge, and insight you need to become successful in your field.


WHEN: Sunday, August 10th, 11a-5pm

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Knowledge-thirsty personal trainers looking to advance their craft via continuing education while getting CEU’s and CEC’s

WHERE: The Snatchery by MFF, 411 W 39th Street, New York, NY 10018


In this presentation, Chad will discuss how including powerlifting in your clients’ programs can do more than improve their max bench press. Chad will teach his approach to progressing into the powerlifts for the average client. He’ll also talk about how starting your own powerlifting team and entering meets can promote client adherence and retention.

Click here for details and registration information.


This is a great article by Adam Bornstein about what really matters in the fitness industry. Read it. Then read it again. Good stuff.

Top 5 Ways You Know You’ve Made It In The Fitness Industry

Top 5 Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working

Published July 29th, 2014     In Categories: Articles, Diet, For Trainers, Guest Blog Posts

Disappointed Girl on Scale

Do you ever wonder why your current diet may not be working? Click here to read one of my most popular guest blog posts, “Top 5 Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working.” It was the second most popular post ever on Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat Blog!

If you missed it the first time around, or just need a reminder, please check it out.


I recently linked up with Tim Arndt to talk about training famous people, powerlifting for fitness, and some of my pet peeves.

We discussed:

  • How I got involved in the fitness industry
  • How I (and some of my clients) use powerlifting to stay motivated
  • How crayons relate to fitness
  • What my greatest challenge has been with a client
  • My #1 piece of fitness advice
  • What my pet peeves are in the industry (this starts at minute 51)
  • And what my favorite beer is


Read more at TimArndtFitness.com

Be the Man You Would Want Your Sister to Train With

Published December 26th, 2012     In Categories: Articles, For Trainers

(This post originally appeared on my friend Jon Goodman’s site, ThePTDC.com here.)

The virtues of weight training for women are already well known. There’s no need to write yet another article outlining the benefits and reasons why women should lift.

The problem is that, while the reasons for women lifting weights are well established and impossible to debate against, they’re still not widely accepted.

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From 1879 to Today, Nothing has Changed

Published October 11th, 2012     In Categories: Articles, For Trainers

(This post originally appeared on my friend Jon Goodman’s site ThePTDC.com here.)

I bought my first training book, Robert Kennedy’s “Hardcore Bodybuilding: The Blood, Sweat and Tears of Pumping Iron” during my freshman year of high school in 1983.

Toiling in the basement of the rural Illinois farmhouse of my youth, that book laid the foundation for a lifelong passion (and ultimately an amazing career).

It also became the first of many, many books I would read and collect over the years dedicated to all things muscle!

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