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48 Things

December 2nd, 2016     Articles

On November 28th I turned 48 years old.


As strange as aging is, the beauty of it is that you learn a lot of things along the way. Here’s 48 things I think I know now, but I reserve the right to change my mind in the future.

1. Do something nice for others, without expecting anything in return. Repeat.

2. Sleep is the most ignored component of health and fitness. Get more.

3. Credit card debt is the spawn of Satan. Avoid it.

4. Being strong never gets old.

5. Stop trying so hard to impress other people.

6. Donate to others less fortunate…your time, your money, a pint of your blood…you’ll get more out of it than they do.

7. A good sense of humor makes life a lot easier to deal with.

8. Don’t take it personally…unless you’re an asshole…then you better believe it’s personal.

9. Embrace change…the ability to change your mind, your circumstances, even your relationships is critical to long-term success.

10. Good hygiene should be a given

11. Read, read, read

12. Travel, travel, travel

13. Smile at everyone you meet.

14. Talk to more people you cross paths with throughout your day.

15. Tip well, especially at places you frequent regularly.

16. Never be jealous of another’s success. There’s enough to go around.

17. Self-improvement should be a life-long pursuit.

18. Be kind.

19. Be honest…to a point…never answer the question “does this make me look fat?”, with a yes.

20. Clean up after yourself.

21. Write out the unfiltered version of what you want to say, but never send it. Diplomacy is almost always better than brute force.

22. Spend most of your time in the grocery store along the outer walls…produce, meat/fish, and dairy.

23. Get a dog. If you already have one, get another. Spend the rest of their lives trying to be worthy of the unconditional love they show you.

24. Decorate for various holidays all year around.

25. Spend more time with your parents and grandparents. If you can’t be there physically, call them. Even if they repeat the same 12 stories or only seem to talk about the various ailments of relatives you’ve never even met.

26. Learn a foreign language. Go to a country where that’s the native tongue. Then barter at their local open-air market.

27. Start saving money the moment you start making money. Never stop.

28. Stop chronically dieting on foods you don’t even like. Learn to control the portions of the things you do like.

29. Eat your vegetables.

30. Drink more water.

31. You’ll never forget your first love, but your last love is far more important to your happiness. Treat them the way you treated your first love when you first got together.

32. Take some type of self-defense class.

33. Stand up to bullies.

34. Have at least one person in your life that will call you on your bullshit.

35. Never take credit for someone else’s work.

36. Never withhold compliments.

37. Be patient, but be persistent.

38. Expect more of yourself than anyone else does.

39. Spend more time in nature.

40. Disconnect from social media as often as possible.

41. Stop being so damn negative.

42. Lift weights (see #4)

43. Take responsibility when you screw up. Excuses rarely have the outcome you’re hoping for.

44. Be a person of your word.

45. Try new foods.

46. Give half of your clothes to charity…you know you haven’t worn that stuff in months…or is it years?

47. Practice empathy. And remember, people don’t need your tolerance, they need your acceptance.

48. Be a great hugger.