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Education & Experience

B.S. in Kinesiology – University of Illinois
Member of Alpha Sigma Nu Kinesiology Honor Socity.

In addition to having over 25 years experience in the field, and becoming the first American to graduate with a Diploma in Sports Nutrition with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Chad has the following credentials:

  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • USA Weightlifting certified level 1 sport coach
  • TFW certified level 1 coach
  • Industry Recognized public speaker and fitness writer
  • USA Powerlifting CA state co-chair; CA state referee; master athlete; coach
  • CPR/AED certified

Featured Interviews

Evil Sugar Radio

Chad was proudly featured on Evil Sugar Radio, because of what the hosts call Chad’s “solid and reasonable approach to health and fitness.” Learn about why Chad sees training as similar to mentoring. This isn’t about quick fixes or fads. He also talks about everything from the fun of working with his small team of Power Lifters to how he helps clients deal with stress management. In particular, he shares about how he helps his actor clients handle the high stress of their lifestyle while modifying nutrition. Listen to his podcast on "Fitness, Strength, & Stress Management."

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The FitSmart Podcast

In this podcast with JC Deen and RogLaw, Chad talks about all the unique needs of the celebrity client who has to look a certain way on camera. Progress looks different for this sort of client, because time is often of the essence. He also muses on the importance of personal training and nutrition, while touching on goal setting, bulking, and cutting. You’ll hear more of the behind-the-scenes the history of how he ended up starting PUSH Private Fitness. Listen to this episode on FitSmart, “Inside the Life of a Celebrity Trainer.”

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Jay Scott's Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast

Chad Landers is a guy that knows Personal Training. He started his love for fitness early in life and turned his passion into a career. You gotta respect that. Not only has Chad become a successful businessman, he also is frequently called upon by Hollywood’s elite to get them in shape for upcoming roles! But Chad wasn’t always hobnobbing (I love that word) with actors and movie producers – he started out in the rural Midwest. His story is inspiring for those who desire to achieve a life of success (with a little adventure thrown in for good measure). In this Podcast we discuss how Chad went from a kid who wanted to “be a muscle man” to a successful business owner and Celebrity Personal Trainer. We also discuss how to achieve your fat loss goals, how to stay motivated even when maintaining, and much more.

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MFF Best Life Radio

In this episode presented by Mark Fisher Fitness, Brian Patrick Murphy chats with Chad and shares many inspiring stories about his 25+ years in the fitness industry. Chad talks about how he first decided to study kinesiology, which helped lead him to where he is today. Brian asks Chad about what it’s like to train a clientele that is 70% from the film industry. Listen in to “MFF Best Life Radio” as two grown men cry discussing their passion!

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Featured Press

Access Hollywood

In this fun Access Hollywood article, learn more about Corbin Bleu preparing for the “Paso Doble” dance. This dance will be the first time Corbin will be going shirtless on “Dancing with the Stars.” He usually goes to the gym on top of dance rehearsals, but this week Chad has really cracked the whip to get him ready! Corbin has been training with Chad since he was 18 and over the years, his body has truly transformed. The stamina alone is really helping him get through this rigorous dancing schedule.

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Strength Portal

Enjoy this post on Strength Portal.com in which Matt McGunagle, CEO of Strength Portal, interviews Chad. Matt asks Chad to comment on how the fitness industry has changed over the last twenty years, as well as the changing public perception on trainers, in general. Read this awesome article to see what Chad thinks will be the biggest key to pushing personal trainers to their most ideal position in the market!

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Men's Health

Lou Schuler with Men's Health covers the story of the infamous "crazy bath" that Chad introduced to Corbin Bleu, of Dancing With The Stars. Did you know that in 2011 Chad helped Bleu get in shape to film his first-ever nude scene for a horror movie called Nurse 3D?! “Before that I was at my heaviest…I was about 170, and dropped down to 156.” Read more in this epic Men’s Health article, written by the legend, Lou Schuler!

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Women's Health

Chad is quoted as an important source in this interesting article for women "4 Myths About Strength Training - Busted!" Learn more about the endless benefits of strength training for women, while also letting go of the most common mistakes women often make in their thoughts about lifting.

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Jack Falahee, star of "How to Get Away With Murder," talks about working with a trainer like Chad. "He's good at making people look good naked," says Falahee. This interview is quite entertaining, you'll enjoy reading about how Chad helps actors like Jack get camera ready, and bare it all.

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Featured Videos

Chad's Bio

Get to know Chad more in this awesome bio. You’ll get a perfectly quick synopsis of his educational history, his training background, and all about the demographics of his clientele. Find out why so many celebrities have trusted him as their personal trainer and “red carpet guy.” Chad’s ethos goes well beyond health and fitness in the gym. Watch now to see how his fitness vision is all about impact.

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Corbin Bleu's Dancing With the Stars: Preparing to go shirtless!

Have you ever wanted to get a behind the scenes with a celeb in the gym? Watch this video of Chad Landers training Corbin Bleu of “Dancing with the Stars.” Chad has trained Corbin since he was 18 years old, and you’ll find Corbin at PUSH Private Fitness every week. This video shows Chad getting Corbin eady for a show where he’ll be going very much shirtless…it’s all about the abs!

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Ask Chad: Shedding 20 Pounds?

In this featured segment of “Ask Chad,” Chad answers Phil, a 28 year-old new dad who is looking to get rid of an extra twenty pounds over the next 5 months. Learn how he gets his son involved in the process, while also getting super practical on how to create a calorie deficit over time.

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Ask Chad: Overcoming "The Resolution Blues"

In this featured segment of “Ask Chad,” Chad answers John, a viewer in Australia who is looking with answers for how to overcome the post-New-Year's-resolution blues. So many people deal with this issue after January 1st each year! John, in particular, has managed to over-work himself, and now has a knee injury. Chad gives some practical advice on how to treat the knee pain, as well as how to move forward in his goals.

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